Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truth behind Job

As a employee of Railway, i don't have any right to publish anything rubbish about railway (Someone has said "Work is Worship"). i know that my colleagues are enjoying their job but if u ask my opinion i would have only word for it "rubbish". Ya its true....u can compare it with other jobs. Of the first day in my office i faced revolutionary things...... Politics, Politics & only Politics.... these three words are most important words in this job..... if any one want definition about Politics just contact any railway employee.... These persons had done Ph.D in Politics or u can say hightest qualification of any stream. Indian Railway what else i can say its name defines the country. One person name not has to be mention is Mr. Hitler of Lucknow Control. Mr. Hitler who is inch closer to contain age of 60 is doing some rapid action, which usually a person near 60 can't done. But one +ve thing about that person that he has some extra energy from where that energy comes even he don't know.
Life is complicated... somewhere in our little heart we know that ki Hamari aukat kya hai but because we are INDIANS & we Indians are emotional persons.... (Every Indian Must be agree with me.... Kyun?????).


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