Friday, June 11, 2010


A boy containing age of 15 does not even know about SEX (in the early 90’s) but nowadays it is just a fictitious thing to say that a young boy of age 15 would not know about SEX.
SEX is a word of English alphabet contains only three letters “S”, “E” & “X”. This is not only about those three words it is about life. Nevertheless, I am not going to tell u about life it & I am not going to describe Sex in this blog. This is a simple story of a boy whose life is all about doing stupid things, creating ruckus into others work. He is just equal to ZERO. However, even a zero can create a big difference if we put that Zero behind a finite number. It always increases gravity of that thing if we put one more zero behind that. Even the highest printed Note (A Rupee) of our country Rs 1000 is a dumb thing if we strip off all Zeros from that. It decreases to Rupee 1. What you think that you can buy any stuff from that One Rupee Note……(Fused…Hahahaha)

Generally a Zero is a zero……(Nothing…..DX) in simple language. Its identity is nothing. Let me tell you about the discovery of Zero but why I tell you that….. Because as we all know, Zero is discovered in India. India, a country where all basic (not basic but primary) things have been discovered whether a Culture or Wrestling. Actually many other things also been discovered in India but that list is very long & I do not want to waste my time in counting those things. We Indians discovered many things but did not have the guts to sustain those things in our own country (In fact our culture also). Summarizing above fact that we as a people of our country has not even support our culture yar (Damm F@#%). We always trying to behave as a follower of Western society rather than giving new dimensions to our culture.
Our country has a population of more than 1 billion, securing the second highest position in the world. We did not want to follow our own culture. This is simply ridiculous…… hey do not take it in another way…… I am not criticizing peoples of our country. I am just trying to say that our culture is best among others. So whey we follow others when we have our own. Lots of rubbish I talked above, now getting back to the point………..ZERO.
I love this digit very much because you can do anything with him. As being treated as negligible you cannot expect anything from a ZERO but rather criticizing a ZERO just think about the merits of it. Main feature alias “the deadliest thing” about ZERO is that If we divide any finite number with ZERO…..what happened……Bang On……..It hangs your all formulas, all calculators. This tends to infinite. Hey Have you know what infinite means……..No…..I tell you what this means…..It means DEAD………No life……..totally blank. This is the main feature of ZERO. Have you ever heard about a silent killing digit? I think now I do not have to give that answer. A ZERO is just like the villains of our B’wood movies….. (Gabbar of Sholey, Mugambo of Mr. India etc…etc…). I think all engineering students are going to be satisfied with my views…..not only Engg. students but all those persons who love Mathematics.
Therefore, next time if you found a ZERO does not ignore him. If you ignored that, ZERO it is going to Kill you. Alone digit in Mathematics whose identity is nothing but can be as dangerous as a Nuclear Bomb. Treat ZERO with love otherwise its going to cost you a lot. ZERO is the most destructive digit in this universe. It is not just a number it is a lethal weapon…..
A tribute to ZERO………


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