Thursday, August 26, 2010

HUMAN "A Technology"

Technology, the best definition which I can say is “The system which has no ideology”. I know that everybody is not fully convinced with my definition as they have their own definition too. We as a “Human being” or u can say “Being Human” (because of Salman’s fan) is the real technology, created by God. Though, I have not seen God but as told by my parents (alias my GOD) that GOD created Human Beings. Yes, we human beings are the best technology in this world of Machines. I do not know whether I am right or wrong & also don’t know that my this blog is relevant for the topic (personally I don’t care a bit)…… J

 But still I am going to write this & publish this for the category of “Technology”. So don’t get screwed after reading this….. Please do read carefully because I know that you peoples are also “Human Beings” 

 “Following things contain some stupidity in it”

 As I said above…. The best technology we ever have is “We Human Being”… The Father of all technologies…. We created little Pins to LHC (Large Hadrons Collider) Machine… we have immense talent in our inner self even we don’t know. Humans are the best machines in this world … I called human beings as “Machines ka Maseeha”. Honestly speaking, when I watched the movie Terminator-3 first time I got scared a bit. Those bastard machines wanna to overtake our dynasty…. FUCK OFF You Machines… those were my wordings for machines after watching that movie… but then I realized that “Hey Kid” that was just a typical HOLLYWOOD movie… Totally fake… No one can ever beat us neither Aliens nor those sucking Machines….. Ahhh What a relief!!!! Then after I came to a conclusion that it was just a technology used in the movie… & who is the damn creator (mentor) of those technologies “We Human Beings”. That hit my mind so hard … (still painful yaar). These technologies are soooo scary… even scarier than the whole saga of SCARY MOVIES (hehehehehe).

But seriously talking, we are in the 21st century where a space oriented program is a normal one. You can count it on your finger tips that how many times we reached space in a single year. There is a flood like situation in the field of technology… yet no aid for the flood victims. You can make calls anywhere in the world & the easier version “chat” with your friendzzz/beloved ones wherever you are in the world even can express your feelings/thoughts while using social networking sites or indiblogging. That is called TECHNOLOGY. Whatever we do in our lives, some type of technology is always in it. You can no escape from that dude… even while writing this blog I m also using a technology… Ohhhh damn technology… just piss-off man.

Technology…. Technology…. Technology what ever it is, I am just sick of it. It is like tagline of VODAFONE “wherever you go our network follows you”. Hell yaar… I think even in HELL, Yamraj too using some sort of technology… Eg: For counting number of good & bad souls, Giving wages to his so called workers & many more (etc…etc)

Now coming back to earth, everything we used in our life has some technology in it.  So if I want to change something in it… what I have to do. I have to change the mother board of system & who is the Mother board???? The answer is “Human Beings”

We, as a Human have always one problem, “Problem of EGO”. Yeah that is right…. Because of that ego… we created the mass destruction weapons like Missiles, Nuclear Bomb etc…. this is what we created… that is why we called ourselves as the best machines of the World. Nevertheless, I don’t want to make it a long boring essay… I just want to say that if we HUMAN BEINGS can forget that word “EGO” from ourselves then definitely we are the best Technology of this World. Except that I don’t want to change anything in technology….

Closing on a serious note… (dunno know whether it is serious or not)
“An Egoist is one who suffers from too much vitamin “I” in his system”.      -Proverb


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