Tuesday, September 7, 2010

INDIA & Commonwealth (Games)

Usually Delhi bound trains are not late but because of raining since morning….  An announcement aired, “Train No 2553 Vaishali Superfast is running 2.30 hrs late from its schedule. The inconvenient call is deeply regretted….. Ohhh FUCK man!!!!! 2.30 hrs!! Now what???
Should I go for another cigarette?  Seriously talking, in case if I had taken that step it would have ma 7th one of that hour… Thanx to me that I had not taken that step…… :*)
Ok… then I choose ma second option **”to watch hot chicks”** especially in waiting room. As having ticket of AC, I gone for AC Waiting Room, searching it for almost 30 mins. I found it on PF No.1
(Scenario of Waiting Room)
As entered in the room, I roughly analyzed the position of hot chicks…. Two girls (one wearing jeans n tight blue color top & another just a simple dress) surrounded by the group of two or three families … so no chance of “Chichora-panthi” at all… & list goes on n on. Actually that waiting room is fully jam-packed …. No trace of a single seat. Then I saw one corner seat with broken handle…. More than a dozen questions arises through my mind… “Broken handle means you have more probability to get touched by a girl or vice-versa…. Devil type feelings give me so courage that I said yes… take your chance dude…. Go n grab the opportunity. It did not take too much time by me to acquire that vacant seat.. (Just like forcibly land acquisition of those innocent farmers by UP Government). Then after sometime later I realized why nobody wants that seat… It really sucks man.. No back-support at all… ahhhh still ma back is in pain!!!!! FUCK yaar. Actually that reason is not the primary cause for my anger. Tell you why…
My bad luck continues as I saw two hot girls sitting just beside me & neglecting a handsome hunk (***of course I am talking about maself***) they were busy in chatting with each other…. Talking….. Talking n Talking…. & on the topic of Common Wealth Games (CWG). Can you believe that two hot, sexy, sensuous (etc.) girls were busy in chatting on the issue of CWG… I think they don’t have Boyfriend’s in their life… Suffering from deficiency of *BF*. One of that girl was wearing a band in her wrist, revealing her sexy name…… Shruti!!!! But other was, I think so smart…. No trace at all yaar… actually I want to know her name because I want it to put in this post but unfortunately it all gone in dust…
Shruti: What you think, “Is INDIA going to make it possible”????
TOG (The Other Girl): Where?? (*blank*)
Shruti: CWG!!!!
TOG: Make it clear yaar…. Can’t recognize!!!
Shruti: Common Wealth Games yaar… silly girl!!!
TOG: ohh.. CWG!!! Plz don’t ask me about that… it really became a bottle-neck for India.
Shruti: hmm… I think you are right.
TOG: Ya… as you know its August & after one month. Game ON!!! & no completion of work at all.
Shruti: Do you know when India officially gets the opportunity to conduct CWG???
TOG: Nope!!! When??
Shruti: Year 2004.
TOG: 2004!!!! Are you kidding me? Since 2004 & still construction work is on!!! (Confused)
Shruti: They started it in January 2010… almost 5 years late. (Panchvarshiya Yojna)
TOG: What they were waiting for???? Money??? As I know Indian ministers have enough money to organize a FIFA World cup!!!
Shruti: ya… I know!!! You are talking about Former CM of Jharkhand (.................)
TOG: That’s right… he is such a ….(interrupted in middle)
Shruti: Just leave him yaar!!! A slur on India
TOG: hey.. I heard something new in newspapers for CWG!!!! CORRUPITON
Shruti: Yes it is. A big one… Our country’s top statesmen are indulged in all these mean activities. **BULL-SHIT yaar**
TOG: You can say CWG as Corrupt Wealth Games!!!!
Shruti: lolzz… (Hilariously)
TOG: Don’t laugh…. This something is a very serious issue… the money which is used by government to organize these types of world-class games, is basically the Money of general public like us.
Shruti: Ohh.. Damn FUCK yaar!!!
(I told you that this girl Shruti is very smart, even a FUCK word from her mouth is like a Kiss)
TOG: Now if you see…. Recently South Africa organized the World’s most famous sports tournament “FIFA World Cup”. Look at the development done by them… they really touched the whole world. They marked their presence in the World.
Shruti: Ya… Even our neighbor country China too marked its presence by organizing Olympics…. And what we are doing??? Just counting days n days…. Ridiculous!!!
TOG: Our country’s integrity is now on the line… Let’s see what our government can do!!!
Shruti: Some countries persons are saying that Security arrangements are not full-proof… some are saying, “To give India a chance for CWG is a big flaw.” 
TOG: hmm… why listen o others when our own peoples are saying the same thing … Delhi-walas are suffering a lot nowadays…. CWG sucked Delhi-walas .
Shruti: Truly Delhi peoples are floating in the boats of CWG… they didn’t even know that these boats are having holes in the bottom!!! God bless them.
TOG: But … a ray of hope is still making her way!!!!
Shruti: You mean… Our Prime Minister’s personal assurance on the arrangements of CWG…
TOG: Yes… I have strong belief in our government.
Shruti: Me too in full confidence can say that CWG will become a successful event in India… I know it’s like counting stars in the Universe but in the end India will make it possible!!!
TOG: Hope So!!!
Shruti: Don’t say hope so…. Just say “YES WE CAN”
TOG: Yes We Can…
Shruti: And Please do not boycott the games… because our integrity is on the line… “I wish I could urge to all our peoples that PLZ…PLZ… DO NOT BOYCOTT CWG”.
Those hot chicks given me a deadly stares & walked out from Waiting room…
(I involved in the conversation so much that I forgotten, I have to board my train… & I think it was the last announcement by railways for Vaishali Superfast… “Train No 2553 Vaishali Superfast is standing on PF No 1…. Ohhh Shit man)
I rushed towards the train, started moving almost…. Fortunately managed to get inside in the train…
(On a serious note, I urge to all peoples of this country that Please DO NOT BOYCOTT Common Wealth Games)


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