Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dawn of a New Country - South SUDAN

Mass of people jumped on streets; celebrating & congratulating each other as a new member country emerged in the world on 9th July 2011 & it will be named as South Sudan. Primarily, South Sudan was an integral part of Sudan then after the historical referendum in January paved the way for the making of South Sudan. VVIPs & many other ambassadors of different countries will mark their presence in the capital, Juba, to see the emergence of a new country. It would be a great day for the peoples of South Sudan because they had lost terrific amount of peoples lives during the clash of ethnic groups of North & South Sudan. Now, the time has come, to forget the past misapprehensions & build a constructive bridge between both countries  in present & work together for the development of both countries in future.

South Sudan, primarily, occupying a total land area of 2,39,285 square mile (i.e. 6,19,745 square Km) which has a population of 8,260,490 (as per 2008 census). Country is barricaded by the Ethiopia in the east, The Central African Republic with the west; Kenya, Uganda & Republic of Congo to the South and North Sudan(Sudan) to the north.  But there are some road blocks in front of South Sudan. As after its emergence, South Sudan will rank near the bottom of the Human Development Index list. It has wide number of illiterate females approx 80% or more than that. It has the world's highest maternal mortality rate. The under-five mortality rate is 112 per 1000 live births, worst ratio. Security related issues, law and order & infrastructures is negligible & almost unseeable. About half of the population lives on less than $ 1 a day. Poverty is on its peak as well as the non-education. 

Now it's the obligation of newly elected government for the upliftment of the peoples of South Sudan. Country's progress & development is now depend upon the Government's policies & plans and also its administration. If South Sudan has some drawbacks on its side then on the other side it has noteworthy variety of things. South Sudan has vast oil fields which is the prime source of his economy. Most oilfields are owned by Chinese companies & Indian company ONGC. However, United States of America can not buy or acquire any oil field reserves in South Sudan because he actually 'Blacklisted' Sudan as the 'State Sponsor of terrorism'. Result of this South Sudan has lost a big importer of Oil. A big availing opportunity is knocking at the door of Indian Oil companies to acquire some oil reserves in that country, also India has the opportunity to collaborate with the South Sudan's government in the development process. India should have to adopt the policy of 'First come, First served' in South Sudan.

Apart from Oil reserve fields, South Sudan has huge amounts of arable land & the Nile river flowing through its center. Government should have to espouse the technique of 'Institutional Farming' along with knowledge based training to his farmers. It will help farmers to harvest many crops at one time. Government should give vocational training to the unemployed citizens & skill training for the unskilled persons.

But how could all this possible? First & foremost, South Sudan has to reignite its peaceful relations with North Sudan. Cross-border disputes, insecurity between peoples etc; both Governments should have to allay it first, collaboratively. South Sudan, now as the 193rd country in this world, must also reach out to its other neighbors. It has to actively participate in the dialogue process of African Union & other global groups. Trade with countries should be its first objective.

But before all that South Sudan's government must reach out to its own citizens. They have to ensure the basic things for the citizens like Freedom of religion, freedom of expression, Equality between peoples. Government must construct a confidence dialogues between ethnic groups, along with that give freedom to media because media's role in any country is very important. People-to-People dialogue between both the countries is very much important & they have to run for it. Finally , Other countries should support & help the new country and its people in he process of development as they desperately need that. United Nations which is the supreme body, should come & urge the members to give their support & help, in building infrastructure & to nail out other discrepancies which have been diluted in the system of South Sudan.

Congrats to all civilians of South Sudan... Party hard guys!! *'Hallelujah'*

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill Vs. Draft Lokpal Bill

Kudos to all Civil Society Members who initiated the concept 'To Nail out corruption' via Jan Lokpal Bill. They gone through with some major tough phases but in the end Government agreed to chalk out a draft with the consensus of all Civil Society members & Group of Ministers (GoM). Civil Society Group, headed by a veteran Gandhian, Mr. Kisan Baburao Hazare popularly known as Mr. Anna Hazare, single-handedly  dragged out the sleeping Government from his long-lasting sleep to prepare a Rocksolid Jan Lokpal Bill.

First Lets discuss, What are the conflicts between the Jan Lokpal Bill (Proposed by Civil Society) & Draft Lokpal Bill (Drafted by Uttermost person's of our Government)...

  1. As per Government's norm, LOKPAL will have no power to initiate suo moto action or receive complaints of corruption from the General Public (i.e. us). It can only probe the complaints forwarded by the Speaker of the LokSabha or the Chairman of the RajyaSabha while Civil Society wants, a full power to  initiate suo moto action or receive complaints from the general public.
  2. LOKPAL will only be an advisory body with limited roles to forwarding reports to a 'Competent Authority' whereas Civil Society wants a complete authority to prosecute anybody found guilty.
  3. LOKPAL will have no Police power & ability to register First Information Report (F.I.R.) or proceed with criminal proceedings as just opposite proposed by Civil Society Group (CSG).
  4. The LOKPAL & Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will not be merged or intra-connected while CSG want LOKPAL & anti-corruption wing of the CBI will be one independent body.
  5. Penalization for the corruption will be a minimum of 6 months & maximum of upto 7 years whereas in CSG's case minimum of 5 years & maximum of upto life imprisonment.
  6. Prime Minister & Judiciary will have to come under the ambit of LOKPAL, as demanded by CSG.
Well apart from the last point, almost all other points mentioned above have been successfully cleared or are in the pipe line for the clarification. But the last clause which makes Mr. PM & Judiciary under the Umbrella is little bit tricky one. Though in democracy every administrative, legislative, executive & judiciary body should be under the ambit of transparency but in India there is minute difference. We elect our government but we do not have any power to scrutinize the work of our Prime Minister or any other ministers in their incumbency; the only power we have is the 'Voting Power' (after 5 years). Enacting a Right to Recall Bill which will put a pressure on elected representative (by putting elected representative on notice) : Either perform or perish. Now if we talk on the last point dispute, whether PMO (Prime Minister Office) should come under the ambit of LOKPAL... In my opinion it should be. Prime Minister should not fear anyone & itself has to come out & say "Yes, I am the representative of you all & I will put myself under the scanner of Lokpal." This is Mr. Prime Minister's moral duty. We, all are waiting for your answer Mr. Prime Minister Sir.

Now, about whether Judiciary should come under the umbrella of Ombudsman (Lokpal) or not?? Government already initiated a bill of Judicial Standards and Accountability which deals with the malpractices, corruption & negligence of Judges. Government will introduce that bill in the upcoming Monsoon Session. So, there is no need of stretching the Lokpal's ambit onto Judiciary. Supreme Court is guardian of the constitution & the highest court of appeal. To put judiciary under Lokpal will demoralize the constitution norms. Supreme court of India has been vested with the power of Judicial Review. Is Lokpal  bigger than Supreme Court? The answer is 'NO' & will never become. To put judiciary beneath the Lokpal is a redundant idea!!

Why our government is running with snail's pace for drafting a Lokpal bill ? The answer lies in the government's intention. Government should not loose this opportunity as they  are already facing some tough allegations of corruption. If they want to improve their gruesome image & also wanna to win the next 2014-election with clear majority then they should enact the proposed Lokpal bill in the next Monsoon session. For the opposition parties & other allied parties, they should force & poke the government to comply the same. We do not want a toothless Lokpal... we need a Lokpal which comprises of some specific characteristic.

In this article, I will not characterize any specific person or group or anyone, what I am trying to convey with my article to all our civilians that 'Corruption lies in our inner self.' Be Honest... Be Wise... Be Bold!!
If anybody demands bribe from you, please do not give!!

I, also wanna to urge to our Prime Minister, "Sir, we see you as our role model. Please do not break our belief over you. You are a wise man, do not fear of anything. Just push for the best & save us from this mounting corruption. I know you have immense work load & pressure but we want a corrupt-free INDIA.
(Hope you will listen to us....)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grand Salute to All Mothers

On this Women’s Day, I want to dedicate this post to my Mom who is everything to me.

Mom, I LOVE YOU…. I want to share my all happiness with you; I want to share my all sorrows with you.. I want to live my every millisecond with you… You are the one who changed my life. I am nothing without you; MAA. I can’t even walk a step without you.

She never gives-up, never complained anything to anyone. Her personality is absolutely wonderful. I always want to be like her; want to copy her true persona, style of talking, behavior, habits etc. She is truly an awesome person, always showers happiness to others; ready to help anyone.

“Tujme Rab Dikhta hai yaara mein kya karun, Sajde Sir Jhukta hai Yaara mein kya karun.”

She plays different kind of roles in her daily life; as a wife, as a mother, as a friend, as a dictator, as a Home Minister of her family. Ohh.. Baba re!! And she manages all this with so perfection that sometime I feel surprised. How she do it??
One day, I asked her, ‘How do you do these entire things with so perfection? You never-ever get bored of it!’
‘If you will do your work with the positive attitude, you will never-ever get bored of it.’ She said & patted on my head.

Whenever I see you, it gives me strength to fight with all the demons. Whenever I see your smiling, I’ll forget all my sorrows. Mom, I just want to say one thing, “I need you… I need you till the end of my life. I want to die before you, I don’t want to loose you in the mid of my life.. This world is full of bad guys & I’ll not be able to fight with them without you.

“Just go and submit all the bills, today is last day for that.” Mom screamed from the kitchen.
“I am going Mom…”  I gently replied.
“Go otherwise you’ll not get today’s lunch & I mean it this time.” She said.
“I have gone.” I said.

I want to express more but as you all know there are some pending works over me. I have to submit electricity bill, House tax etc… otherwise I’ll miss my lunch.

“No one has ever seen God but I can say with claims that I have seen God in my Mother.” –By Me.

Last but not the least, here is beautiful song from the movie “Raja Aur Rank”. Dedicated to my lovely MOTHER…

In the End I'll thank GOD, who made the Mother.
With Love to All "Mothers" of this Universe.... 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Political-Fair Award

Just like the ongoing awards ceremony in Bollywood , I thought that lets give some awards to our so called “HONESTPoliticians/Bureaucrats/Police Officers …. What you all say..?? Good idea nah..!! Obviously yaar good idea… if no idea then go & get an idea….(Promotional line for idea network)
In these awards ceremony only one film is on top…. It’s our Sallu Bhai’s “Dabaang”… Hud-Hud Dabaang… Our politicians are also Dabaang type in their real life…  They have right to pilfer money publicly, to rape any minor girl, to set up an account in Swiss bank for their illegal money …, to use party funds to make ornaments & jewellery for their family members…., to break laws anytime & anywhere  etc…etc….etc… Even “etc” word is so small for them. I don’t know exactly what type of word should I use but I think Rajnikant knows better…. because he is Rajnikant …. Top superheroes Superman, Batman & even our desi Krrish are his students…. Standing tall…our own country-made, man-made super-duper Hero “RAJNIKANT”…. (Bow down)
OK… I lost my track but now back on track…. “Our Politician”…. As I said earlier, let’s give away some home-made crunchy awards as they deserve that yaron… So, here come the Nominations ……

Category: Best Actor in Scamming Role
& the nominations are:
  1. A. Raja (for stashing away Rs. 1.76 lakh crore)
  2. Suresh Kalmadi (OC’s chairman of CWG)
  3. Ashok Chavhan & their aids (For duping martyrs of Kargil War…. Alleged Role in Adarsh Society Scam)
  4. B. S. Yedurappa (Mining King of Karnatka)
  5. Rajnikant (he qualified for nothing… because for him “Nothing is Impossible”)
And the award for the Best Actor in scamming role goes to Mr. A. Raja for keeping Telecom sector price-less & cost our country just “Little” sum of money… We, Indians don’t mind that!!!
Sorry, Rajni Sir… Better Luck Next Time.

Next Nomination is for the Best Film
& the nominations are….
  1. XIX CWG Delhi (Making India Proud)
  2. Adarsh Society Scam (Making Defense Proud)
  3. Sukna Land Scam (Again, making Defense Proud)
  4. Alleged Mining In Karnatka (Thanx to B. S. Yedurrapa & his sons)

And the award for the Best Film goes to….. Guys Plz give standing ovation to them… Mr. Suresh Kalmadi & his aides, for successful CWG in Delhi.

Next Category: Best Villain
& the nominations are….
  1. Purushottam Diwedi (MLA, now Ex-MLA for raping a minor girl)
  2. SPS Rathore ( Ex-DGP for molesting a young innocent girl)
  3. ?????? ( Arushi Murder case) As CBI never-ever got any clue…who did that murder? Hence, CBI itself gets its nomination.
  4. N.D. Tiwari (Ex-Governor of AP…. Reason you all know!!!!)
  5. Interlocutors of J&K (for giving seditious remarks)

And the award for the Best Villain goes to…. WAIT….WAIT…actually it’s a joint venture. Hence, It goes to two persons.. Mr. Purushottam Diwedi & Mr. SPS Rathore (What a smile Sirji…still smiling… I think he is a brand ambassador of Close-Up toothpaste)

Next Category: For non-questionable, independent & prominent wing aka Best Institution.
& the nominations are….
  1.  RAW (Research & Analysis Wing)
  2. CBI (Crime Bureau of Investigation)
  3. CVC (Chief Vigilance Commissioner)
  4. Lok-Ayuktas
  5. CID (of Sony Television)

And the award goes to our most prominent, indispensible & hard working wing… CBI (Compact & Blind Institute)

Next award is for Best Political Party & the nominations are…..
  1. Congress (Changing their Mind-sets)
  2. BJP (Halting the Parliament)
  3. BSP (Crushing all under the feet of Elephant)
  4. SP (Bicycle without Pedal)
  5. TRS (Demanding new state, forcing Hyderabad to Protest & Dharnas)
  6. CPI aka left (Left By Everyone)

And the award for the Best Political Party goes to our own Congress… for always changing their mind-sets & passing the ball tactics….

Now this award is something special… this one is for true persona… honest politician…
& the Nominations for the Best Politicians are
  1. Smt. Shiela Dixit (Queen of Delhi & still young thats why Farah Khan choreographed a song for her)
  2. Sri. Narendra Modi (Progress of Gujrat)
  3. Sri. Nitish Kumar (Ultimate Progress of Bihar)
  4. Ms. Mayawati (Bold & Beautiful)

And the award for the Best Politician goes to Sri Nitish Kumar for giving BIHAR such a wonderful & shocking progress…. Yeah it is… after seeing the ultimate development in Bihar I can assure you all that this is what type of politicians we needed for our country…. Nice, Gentle, Honest, Literate etc… & Now I am a big fan of that person…  He really deserves that award.

& Last But not the least… Award for the Lifetime Achievement

 & No doubt the award goes to “Citizens of India”. (No thanx guys… it was decided by jury)
We, peoples of India, having VETO power but still not in the mood of using it… We are always in the mood of denial… We are not like peoples of Egyptian/Tunisian country who has the guts to protest against corruption… I am going to close ma article here as I do not want to make mockery of ourselves… We will never change our attitude… This is our “Tryst with Destiny” & we do not want to lose it…. Long Live “INDIA” & Long Live “We, People”.

Now it’s time to tell the members of our Jury & our sponsors….

Jury Members: Mr. Rajnikant (Chairman), Mr. Tushar Kapoor, Mr. Pratik Babbar & Ms. Esha Deol

Sponsored By: Jhandu Bam Oil, Katil Loshan, Pataka Chai & Baiju-Bawara Toothpaste

Co-Sponsored By:  Microsoft, Apple, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, ONGS, NTPC, IOC, SAIL, RIL & many more

(Heartily thanx to our Jury Members for their kind support & all of our Sponsors & Co-sponsors….. without their kind support we could not be able to produce such a wonderful award ceremony…) Thank Q …. Ladies & their Gentlemen for coming… Have a Good Night & sound Sleep… 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life in and around social networking sites

I asked ma mom where our maid has gone for past 7 days and I got an interesting answer that each of her mistress were informed through her tweets on Twitter, that she was gone to her hometown. Its was like a shocker for me, WTF…. She is using Twitter, a social networking site.I felt myself quite stupid for not getting time to check my updates so early. As I am unable to use my account frequently nowadays due to heavy work load at office and a queue of guests at home and one more thing “Dating” to ma GF’s.

These social networking sites I must say, are the veins of present generation. Well, I admit that I am also in this generation and prettily affected by them. These sites are beneficial to everybody who uses it thoroughly or rarely.

As we all know how fast our lives are & to be honest someday in a week i forget to do loo…. now u all can configure how fast our lives are!!!! We are struggling wid ourselves that we are not getting time for our beloved ones especially “Girlfriends”. Yeah these creatures “Girlfriends” are the integral part of our lives… (ma life) & i do not want to lose any one of them. I am truly obliged to these websites that they given us such a wonderful medium to connect with ur beloved ones… Long Live Social Networking Websites.
I feel proud to say that the youngest member of our family, my 7 yr old nephew, has a personal facebook profile.And, I got to know about this when I received a comment on my pic saying, U r looking smart & U deserve a new lappy so get the old one for me…….”. Damn A new lappy… will make ma life worse than ever before. Oh Jesus Help me out!!!!

Obviously I am not sick of these sites, but often I find myself eager for checking my accounts to get an idea of the new plans by my friends & relatives and also the passed events enjoyed by my overseas friends.

Thanks to the new technology and the great Networking sites but i am fond of only one thing “Blogging”.


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