Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Political-Fair Award

Just like the ongoing awards ceremony in Bollywood , I thought that lets give some awards to our so called “HONESTPoliticians/Bureaucrats/Police Officers …. What you all say..?? Good idea nah..!! Obviously yaar good idea… if no idea then go & get an idea….(Promotional line for idea network)
In these awards ceremony only one film is on top…. It’s our Sallu Bhai’s “Dabaang”… Hud-Hud Dabaang… Our politicians are also Dabaang type in their real life…  They have right to pilfer money publicly, to rape any minor girl, to set up an account in Swiss bank for their illegal money …, to use party funds to make ornaments & jewellery for their family members…., to break laws anytime & anywhere  etc…etc….etc… Even “etc” word is so small for them. I don’t know exactly what type of word should I use but I think Rajnikant knows better…. because he is Rajnikant …. Top superheroes Superman, Batman & even our desi Krrish are his students…. Standing tall…our own country-made, man-made super-duper Hero “RAJNIKANT”…. (Bow down)
OK… I lost my track but now back on track…. “Our Politician”…. As I said earlier, let’s give away some home-made crunchy awards as they deserve that yaron… So, here come the Nominations ……

Category: Best Actor in Scamming Role
& the nominations are:
  1. A. Raja (for stashing away Rs. 1.76 lakh crore)
  2. Suresh Kalmadi (OC’s chairman of CWG)
  3. Ashok Chavhan & their aids (For duping martyrs of Kargil War…. Alleged Role in Adarsh Society Scam)
  4. B. S. Yedurappa (Mining King of Karnatka)
  5. Rajnikant (he qualified for nothing… because for him “Nothing is Impossible”)
And the award for the Best Actor in scamming role goes to Mr. A. Raja for keeping Telecom sector price-less & cost our country just “Little” sum of money… We, Indians don’t mind that!!!
Sorry, Rajni Sir… Better Luck Next Time.

Next Nomination is for the Best Film
& the nominations are….
  1. XIX CWG Delhi (Making India Proud)
  2. Adarsh Society Scam (Making Defense Proud)
  3. Sukna Land Scam (Again, making Defense Proud)
  4. Alleged Mining In Karnatka (Thanx to B. S. Yedurrapa & his sons)

And the award for the Best Film goes to….. Guys Plz give standing ovation to them… Mr. Suresh Kalmadi & his aides, for successful CWG in Delhi.

Next Category: Best Villain
& the nominations are….
  1. Purushottam Diwedi (MLA, now Ex-MLA for raping a minor girl)
  2. SPS Rathore ( Ex-DGP for molesting a young innocent girl)
  3. ?????? ( Arushi Murder case) As CBI never-ever got any clue…who did that murder? Hence, CBI itself gets its nomination.
  4. N.D. Tiwari (Ex-Governor of AP…. Reason you all know!!!!)
  5. Interlocutors of J&K (for giving seditious remarks)

And the award for the Best Villain goes to…. WAIT….WAIT…actually it’s a joint venture. Hence, It goes to two persons.. Mr. Purushottam Diwedi & Mr. SPS Rathore (What a smile Sirji…still smiling… I think he is a brand ambassador of Close-Up toothpaste)

Next Category: For non-questionable, independent & prominent wing aka Best Institution.
& the nominations are….
  1.  RAW (Research & Analysis Wing)
  2. CBI (Crime Bureau of Investigation)
  3. CVC (Chief Vigilance Commissioner)
  4. Lok-Ayuktas
  5. CID (of Sony Television)

And the award goes to our most prominent, indispensible & hard working wing… CBI (Compact & Blind Institute)

Next award is for Best Political Party & the nominations are…..
  1. Congress (Changing their Mind-sets)
  2. BJP (Halting the Parliament)
  3. BSP (Crushing all under the feet of Elephant)
  4. SP (Bicycle without Pedal)
  5. TRS (Demanding new state, forcing Hyderabad to Protest & Dharnas)
  6. CPI aka left (Left By Everyone)

And the award for the Best Political Party goes to our own Congress… for always changing their mind-sets & passing the ball tactics….

Now this award is something special… this one is for true persona… honest politician…
& the Nominations for the Best Politicians are
  1. Smt. Shiela Dixit (Queen of Delhi & still young thats why Farah Khan choreographed a song for her)
  2. Sri. Narendra Modi (Progress of Gujrat)
  3. Sri. Nitish Kumar (Ultimate Progress of Bihar)
  4. Ms. Mayawati (Bold & Beautiful)

And the award for the Best Politician goes to Sri Nitish Kumar for giving BIHAR such a wonderful & shocking progress…. Yeah it is… after seeing the ultimate development in Bihar I can assure you all that this is what type of politicians we needed for our country…. Nice, Gentle, Honest, Literate etc… & Now I am a big fan of that person…  He really deserves that award.

& Last But not the least… Award for the Lifetime Achievement

 & No doubt the award goes to “Citizens of India”. (No thanx guys… it was decided by jury)
We, peoples of India, having VETO power but still not in the mood of using it… We are always in the mood of denial… We are not like peoples of Egyptian/Tunisian country who has the guts to protest against corruption… I am going to close ma article here as I do not want to make mockery of ourselves… We will never change our attitude… This is our “Tryst with Destiny” & we do not want to lose it…. Long Live “INDIA” & Long Live “We, People”.

Now it’s time to tell the members of our Jury & our sponsors….

Jury Members: Mr. Rajnikant (Chairman), Mr. Tushar Kapoor, Mr. Pratik Babbar & Ms. Esha Deol

Sponsored By: Jhandu Bam Oil, Katil Loshan, Pataka Chai & Baiju-Bawara Toothpaste

Co-Sponsored By:  Microsoft, Apple, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, ONGS, NTPC, IOC, SAIL, RIL & many more

(Heartily thanx to our Jury Members for their kind support & all of our Sponsors & Co-sponsors….. without their kind support we could not be able to produce such a wonderful award ceremony…) Thank Q …. Ladies & their Gentlemen for coming… Have a Good Night & sound Sleep… 


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