Monday, October 4, 2010

Me & My Indi-T : unfulfilled dream

When everybody is going to mark their presence at Banglore, I am writing another blog explaining my stupidity that How I missed ma train to Banglore & How that journey (which doesn’t completed at all) costs me a lot including ma Indi-T. Ohhh… My Indi-T!!!!
When this news aired that next BLOGGERS meet is going to be held at Banglore on 3rd October. Its like “WOW” yaar… this time I am ready & I will definitely attend that meet (I mean that guys, seriously). Its all about my Indi-T & I want to snatch it from “Mr. Fixit” alias Renie. I started seeing dreamzzzz; “Me & My Indi-T”. That dream makes me sick as this appears non-stop in my mind but being a sick with an Indi-T is far better than riding on a 1300cc Suzuki GSX 1300R. I wanted to live with that dream 24X7. Somewhere I heard that ya “Dreams do come true”. I think that line was said by Little Master Sachin Tendulkar while giving interview to a press reporter.
Then I finally decided dude, “You have to attend this meet for your Indi-T. You are not going to miss that chance. OK… then I took deep breath & called up my friend. I borrowed some 1500 bucks from him (including the price of Vodka). We picked up an auto & landed at Railway reservation centre.
“Being part of a queue is always an idiotic work” – This is my theory!!! So, I requested to my friend that half way you & half way me, is the right choice. Ma friend said, “OK”. Actually ma that friend is like a GAY. Don’t take that in another way. He is a gay means; He is like a “COW”. After 45 mins. of wait we found some space at the ticketing window.
Me: One ticket for Banglore in 3AC (in any train)
Reservation Clerk: Waiting List 1 & only one train goes to Banglore from here.
Me: Is that waiting going to confirmed tomorrow???
RC: Don’t crack a joke!!! If u wanna to go then take Tatkal ticket.
Me: And for how many bucks??
RC: In 3AC it is Rs 1785 & in Sleeper Rs 845.. (Paused)
Me: It’s better to travel in 3AC so I asked another 300 bucks from ma friend & finally got the ticket.
RC: Take your ticket & 15 Rs also. (1500 + 300 = 1800)
(I was so happy at that time ki I forgotten this is a Railway reservation centre not a Bar. I told him that, “Hey, keep the change man”.)
RC: WHAT?? Am I looked like a waiter??
Me: (Oh.. FUCK) Sorry Sir!! I didn’t mean that.. I am really sorry..
RC: Take your money & get lost!!
(He reminds me the character of ‘Angry Young Man’ of the movie Deewar)

The whole community of passengers out there, looking at me in a bizarre!!! Had I raped that RC??? Making no any issues at that time, I silently walked out from that centre & ya I kissed my Tatkal ticket. It shows Coach No. B1 & Berth No. 27 (my fav. No.) I given a tight hug to my friend & told him that hey I will give you all my dues after retuning from the trip… & I think now total debt over me surpasses to Rs 4500…
(Next Day)
Bag fully packed & finally the day has been arrived… My journey to Banglore was just going to begin in 4-5 hrs. I purchased a packet of Cigarette then suddenly my phone rang & it was a call of my friend **’Nasedi Baba’**. We called him Nasedi baba alias Babu because he is a vigorous drinker (Full-tass Nasedi hai be). Picked up his call & as usual he wants me to join the party. I attended the party, thrown out by him & literally speaking it was “FULL-ON” yaar!!! At first it was One quarter then Two…Three… (Blank)… No idea after that. Only one thing I remember that, “Hey Deepak where are you going??” I said BANGLORE & my train’s departure is at 8 PM.
Someone has said 8PM… bring that drink man!! (Nasedi baba shouted)
After some shots, my feet were on cloud 9 & I started watching “Taare Zameen Par”. Those Taaresss (stars) were continuously revolving around my mind. My unconscious mind was telling me that, “You are going to miss even bigger party than this so just control your emotions”. (He was talking about the party at #indiblr). I slapped my face & said, “Shut up you bastard… I am not going to miss any train because it is about my Indi-T.
One more interesting thing about that day, “it was 30th September.. The D-Day for Ayodhya”. Being so much drunk at that evening, I forget the time… then Nasedi kicked my ass & told me, “It is 7.30 in the clock, what about your train???”
Me: WTF…!!! Give me your hand.. oh God, it doesn’t get bigger than this!! Fuck.. Fuck Man!!! Do you have bike???
Nasedi: Ya
Me: C’mon then drop me out at the station…
Nasedi: In this situation???
Me: I will kill you if you not!!
Nasedi: Ok… just chill you “Toad”!!
(Actually it was not a bike; it was a scooter Bajaj Priya)
  Somehow he managed to give a smooth start to his scooter & we were on our way to station. But as I said it was the D-Day for Ayodhya, lots of road blocks out in the middle… we completed the full circle of our area but still very much far away from the station. At that time I told him, let’s go back yaar because it is 8’o clock in my watch…..
I missed my train & my Indi-T too….
Next day when I saw newspaper there was news, “Some passengers created nuisance & Lucknow-Banglore Superfast departed 30 mins. Late i.e. on 8.30 PM because of water shortage in coaches.
It was like I am sitting on an electric chair & suffering 440 volt shocks… I can’t even explain that!!! How much I disgusted by my own destiny.. Oh Jesus, How can you do this to me!!!
My Indi-T….. My everything!!! (Love you, God Bless You)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

INDIA & Commonwealth (Games)

Usually Delhi bound trains are not late but because of raining since morning….  An announcement aired, “Train No 2553 Vaishali Superfast is running 2.30 hrs late from its schedule. The inconvenient call is deeply regretted….. Ohhh FUCK man!!!!! 2.30 hrs!! Now what???
Should I go for another cigarette?  Seriously talking, in case if I had taken that step it would have ma 7th one of that hour… Thanx to me that I had not taken that step…… :*)
Ok… then I choose ma second option **”to watch hot chicks”** especially in waiting room. As having ticket of AC, I gone for AC Waiting Room, searching it for almost 30 mins. I found it on PF No.1
(Scenario of Waiting Room)
As entered in the room, I roughly analyzed the position of hot chicks…. Two girls (one wearing jeans n tight blue color top & another just a simple dress) surrounded by the group of two or three families … so no chance of “Chichora-panthi” at all… & list goes on n on. Actually that waiting room is fully jam-packed …. No trace of a single seat. Then I saw one corner seat with broken handle…. More than a dozen questions arises through my mind… “Broken handle means you have more probability to get touched by a girl or vice-versa…. Devil type feelings give me so courage that I said yes… take your chance dude…. Go n grab the opportunity. It did not take too much time by me to acquire that vacant seat.. (Just like forcibly land acquisition of those innocent farmers by UP Government). Then after sometime later I realized why nobody wants that seat… It really sucks man.. No back-support at all… ahhhh still ma back is in pain!!!!! FUCK yaar. Actually that reason is not the primary cause for my anger. Tell you why…
My bad luck continues as I saw two hot girls sitting just beside me & neglecting a handsome hunk (***of course I am talking about maself***) they were busy in chatting with each other…. Talking….. Talking n Talking…. & on the topic of Common Wealth Games (CWG). Can you believe that two hot, sexy, sensuous (etc.) girls were busy in chatting on the issue of CWG… I think they don’t have Boyfriend’s in their life… Suffering from deficiency of *BF*. One of that girl was wearing a band in her wrist, revealing her sexy name…… Shruti!!!! But other was, I think so smart…. No trace at all yaar… actually I want to know her name because I want it to put in this post but unfortunately it all gone in dust…
Shruti: What you think, “Is INDIA going to make it possible”????
TOG (The Other Girl): Where?? (*blank*)
Shruti: CWG!!!!
TOG: Make it clear yaar…. Can’t recognize!!!
Shruti: Common Wealth Games yaar… silly girl!!!
TOG: ohh.. CWG!!! Plz don’t ask me about that… it really became a bottle-neck for India.
Shruti: hmm… I think you are right.
TOG: Ya… as you know its August & after one month. Game ON!!! & no completion of work at all.
Shruti: Do you know when India officially gets the opportunity to conduct CWG???
TOG: Nope!!! When??
Shruti: Year 2004.
TOG: 2004!!!! Are you kidding me? Since 2004 & still construction work is on!!! (Confused)
Shruti: They started it in January 2010… almost 5 years late. (Panchvarshiya Yojna)
TOG: What they were waiting for???? Money??? As I know Indian ministers have enough money to organize a FIFA World cup!!!
Shruti: ya… I know!!! You are talking about Former CM of Jharkhand (.................)
TOG: That’s right… he is such a ….(interrupted in middle)
Shruti: Just leave him yaar!!! A slur on India
TOG: hey.. I heard something new in newspapers for CWG!!!! CORRUPITON
Shruti: Yes it is. A big one… Our country’s top statesmen are indulged in all these mean activities. **BULL-SHIT yaar**
TOG: You can say CWG as Corrupt Wealth Games!!!!
Shruti: lolzz… (Hilariously)
TOG: Don’t laugh…. This something is a very serious issue… the money which is used by government to organize these types of world-class games, is basically the Money of general public like us.
Shruti: Ohh.. Damn FUCK yaar!!!
(I told you that this girl Shruti is very smart, even a FUCK word from her mouth is like a Kiss)
TOG: Now if you see…. Recently South Africa organized the World’s most famous sports tournament “FIFA World Cup”. Look at the development done by them… they really touched the whole world. They marked their presence in the World.
Shruti: Ya… Even our neighbor country China too marked its presence by organizing Olympics…. And what we are doing??? Just counting days n days…. Ridiculous!!!
TOG: Our country’s integrity is now on the line… Let’s see what our government can do!!!
Shruti: Some countries persons are saying that Security arrangements are not full-proof… some are saying, “To give India a chance for CWG is a big flaw.” 
TOG: hmm… why listen o others when our own peoples are saying the same thing … Delhi-walas are suffering a lot nowadays…. CWG sucked Delhi-walas .
Shruti: Truly Delhi peoples are floating in the boats of CWG… they didn’t even know that these boats are having holes in the bottom!!! God bless them.
TOG: But … a ray of hope is still making her way!!!!
Shruti: You mean… Our Prime Minister’s personal assurance on the arrangements of CWG…
TOG: Yes… I have strong belief in our government.
Shruti: Me too in full confidence can say that CWG will become a successful event in India… I know it’s like counting stars in the Universe but in the end India will make it possible!!!
TOG: Hope So!!!
Shruti: Don’t say hope so…. Just say “YES WE CAN”
TOG: Yes We Can…
Shruti: And Please do not boycott the games… because our integrity is on the line… “I wish I could urge to all our peoples that PLZ…PLZ… DO NOT BOYCOTT CWG”.
Those hot chicks given me a deadly stares & walked out from Waiting room…
(I involved in the conversation so much that I forgotten, I have to board my train… & I think it was the last announcement by railways for Vaishali Superfast… “Train No 2553 Vaishali Superfast is standing on PF No 1…. Ohhh Shit man)
I rushed towards the train, started moving almost…. Fortunately managed to get inside in the train…
(On a serious note, I urge to all peoples of this country that Please DO NOT BOYCOTT Common Wealth Games)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

HUMAN "A Technology"

Technology, the best definition which I can say is “The system which has no ideology”. I know that everybody is not fully convinced with my definition as they have their own definition too. We as a “Human being” or u can say “Being Human” (because of Salman’s fan) is the real technology, created by God. Though, I have not seen God but as told by my parents (alias my GOD) that GOD created Human Beings. Yes, we human beings are the best technology in this world of Machines. I do not know whether I am right or wrong & also don’t know that my this blog is relevant for the topic (personally I don’t care a bit)…… J

 But still I am going to write this & publish this for the category of “Technology”. So don’t get screwed after reading this….. Please do read carefully because I know that you peoples are also “Human Beings” 

 “Following things contain some stupidity in it”

 As I said above…. The best technology we ever have is “We Human Being”… The Father of all technologies…. We created little Pins to LHC (Large Hadrons Collider) Machine… we have immense talent in our inner self even we don’t know. Humans are the best machines in this world … I called human beings as “Machines ka Maseeha”. Honestly speaking, when I watched the movie Terminator-3 first time I got scared a bit. Those bastard machines wanna to overtake our dynasty…. FUCK OFF You Machines… those were my wordings for machines after watching that movie… but then I realized that “Hey Kid” that was just a typical HOLLYWOOD movie… Totally fake… No one can ever beat us neither Aliens nor those sucking Machines….. Ahhh What a relief!!!! Then after I came to a conclusion that it was just a technology used in the movie… & who is the damn creator (mentor) of those technologies “We Human Beings”. That hit my mind so hard … (still painful yaar). These technologies are soooo scary… even scarier than the whole saga of SCARY MOVIES (hehehehehe).

But seriously talking, we are in the 21st century where a space oriented program is a normal one. You can count it on your finger tips that how many times we reached space in a single year. There is a flood like situation in the field of technology… yet no aid for the flood victims. You can make calls anywhere in the world & the easier version “chat” with your friendzzz/beloved ones wherever you are in the world even can express your feelings/thoughts while using social networking sites or indiblogging. That is called TECHNOLOGY. Whatever we do in our lives, some type of technology is always in it. You can no escape from that dude… even while writing this blog I m also using a technology… Ohhhh damn technology… just piss-off man.

Technology…. Technology…. Technology what ever it is, I am just sick of it. It is like tagline of VODAFONE “wherever you go our network follows you”. Hell yaar… I think even in HELL, Yamraj too using some sort of technology… Eg: For counting number of good & bad souls, Giving wages to his so called workers & many more (etc…etc)

Now coming back to earth, everything we used in our life has some technology in it.  So if I want to change something in it… what I have to do. I have to change the mother board of system & who is the Mother board???? The answer is “Human Beings”

We, as a Human have always one problem, “Problem of EGO”. Yeah that is right…. Because of that ego… we created the mass destruction weapons like Missiles, Nuclear Bomb etc…. this is what we created… that is why we called ourselves as the best machines of the World. Nevertheless, I don’t want to make it a long boring essay… I just want to say that if we HUMAN BEINGS can forget that word “EGO” from ourselves then definitely we are the best Technology of this World. Except that I don’t want to change anything in technology….

Closing on a serious note… (dunno know whether it is serious or not)
“An Egoist is one who suffers from too much vitamin “I” in his system”.      -Proverb

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heated Kashmir

Kashmir, the most suffered state of our country & still suffering from some protest by localities. Actually, these localities belong to the young generations of Kashmir. Fighting against those epidemic problems that turned the beautiful state into the army base camp. You can smell the army’s presence in J&K either you live in that state or in National capital. You can feel the aggression of those angry youngsters who are protesting against the system.

Kashmir, as we all knows that this state is a place of unusual activities. On the one hand, it is suffering from the disease of Terrorism (which now spreads in whole world) & on the other hand, these agitations put the state into some different stage.

First, let us talk about the role of terrorism in J&K. The most affected place of country, comparing to the other states more people killed in J&K by the activities of terrorist. This something is ridiculous. The 1/4th part of army personals are deputed in J&K & Yes they are doing some good work against the terrorist activities. Nowadays, it seems a peace-time for J&K in the view of terrorist activities. I am not counting the one or two operation of terrorists in J&K because this becomes a regular thing at there. Somehow, our army managed to mark their presence in J&K, & brought some smile on the faces of Kashmiri.

But the real story begins from here…… The protest by youths in Kashmir…..  What all this is??? Since one month its look-a-like a major revolt by the young guns of Kashmir against the administration. Now the question arises…. Why these persons in their young age participating in these activities… There must be some answer.. Might be a hidden one…. Will the Chief Minister is going to answer that question….??? Multiple factors have contributed to the present thing (Massacre). The anger of people rises to the new limit (extreme limit) when dozen of persons killed by the bullets of CRPF’s personal. One of them in these persons was a nine-year ole little child who has nothing to do with all that…. Where was his fault??? This something is the intolerable act by our security personals. I called them our security personals because they are here for our protection.

Actually, the culprit behind all these things are our so-called white-collar person’s alias our politicians. This is their duty to maintain peaceful situation in any state. The protesters are predominantly rebellious youngsters dissatisfied with the functioning of the state. Their anger tends to new height from not only the lack-luster development & employment, but also the failure of the political leadership to address their aspirations. Their frustrations finally come to the peak & represent itself in the form of solid protest. The presence of army in the valley may only help the government to control the situation at that time but what about in the future??? Sometime in future this clock revolves & again stuck to the time (of current situation). Hollow promises made by our politicians raged more & more anger in the youths. Evaluation of who breaks the peace party of Kashmir in on the rock….. Some people are saying that centre has his hands in all this; some are saying that opposition creates that situation…. Even worse of all…. Some said that neighboring country has played some integral role in the protest…. I do not know what truth is?? But I am dead-sure about one thing that we as people of this country are no less than fools… they used us as pawns & actually we behaved also as pawns….. Someone has said… lets shut down whole India…. We stand behind him & reacts the same.

We do not even realize that how behind we will find ourselves in a situation of total shut down of a even a single minute (Bharat-Bandh)….. No we do not care all of these things… nevertheless street protests are unlikely to vanish from J&K, they are a little part of all democratic country (society) but they do not necessarily have to end in the death of some innocent peoples. The administration has to improve itself & quip itself with some modernize things. Politicians must learn to be responsive to people’s grievance. While doing all things our government has to take some honest & bold decision towards this.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Incredible India

Bhopal, the capital of our heart land Madhya Pradesh…….what we all people (especially Our Youth) know about Bhopal, just one thing “Bhopal Gas Tragedy”.
2nd December 1984, that grim day approx of 5000 peoples died on the spot (Countless) & till now this toll squeezes to 20,000. This is our great India…. Where life is so cheap. An astonishing figure looks like a punch line for us. We have no regret at all…… shame on ourselves….. we elect government but we behave like a blind citizen of this country. Our constitution gives us the elite power (A Veto) to select our government & btw we do that thing after every 5 years. We called our country “the largest democratic country in this world.”…….. In democracy every citizen has his opinion but we don’t cash that thing…….Why?????

Even after revolution of IT, we have immense assets to express our views but we don’t…………. We have social networking sites…., Blogs….etc…. this simply implies how stupid we are???? & we don’t care an inch for our country…

Recently, a incident happened in the Gulf of Mexico…..oil spilled in that area which was owned by BP. Whether called it an accident or something else but it cost only 11 persons life (might be). I am not saying that those 11 lives are negotiable but comparing to Bhopal gas tragedy this simply looks micro one. One interesting thing about the incident which happened in Gulf of Mexico is that Barack Obama (Nobel Prize winner for Peace) booked BP for this unusual thing & charged him to pay a sum of $20 billion. This oil spill incident would not harm peoples but it will give a shocker to our surrounding atmosphere. This replicates a lesson to our government.

Government booked Union Carbide Company for the Bhopal Gas tragedy but on the other hand the then company’s CEO Warren Anderson escapes the legal action. It happens only in India. Hey………. Also remember one thing that this was happened way back in 1984, 25 years have passed but no such major decision is been taken up by our government against the culprits. This simply states the symbol of our constitution that how weak we are……….. How this can became so easy to an American Man “Warren Anderson” to escape the law of our country….. This is not done yaar. It is like a mockery of our law & order. Is our government bends because of the pressure of America????

As always what our government says after incidents, “We feel very sorry for those families who suffered & bla-bla-bla……!!!! What the hell man…. It is not that simple. You announce a fund of some million & billion (Compensation) for those suffered peoples….it is like government buying those families by money….(Our life is so cheap). Our government charged or announced the compensation which has to be taken from the Union Carbide Company, a mere $470 million. If we compare this with what American’s demand over oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reflects the negligence of our government. In Gulf of Mexico’s incident only 11 people died & they demand a sum of $20 billion from BP while in India, a total of 20,000 people died & only $470 million was asked to submit. Even worse than that, the accused has been charged with a low profile sentence by our courts. It is not acceptable. How we expect our country to be in the league of a developed nation. (In Future).

PM called for a meeting of GoM & asked them to submit reports within 10 days. Why our government reacts always late. Why??? Why??? Why? This is a general question asked by every citizen to the government…. Why we found ourselves so weak…..!!!
In India everything seems bit different & hard. I personally feel that this government has some quality in it. I have very much confidence & belief in our constitution also. I think we should unite against this type of social decease & put the onus on the government.

Let’s pray for the victims of Bhopal Gas tragedy…….. (to get justice very soon)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Invisible: Demerits of Girlfriends

Invisible: Demerits of Girlfriends

Demerits of Girlfriends

Restoring deals with ma Girlfriends last Sunday, it is like a win-win situation for me. As maself an alone writer & just like any other employee of Government institute, it’s like being on cloud 9. Past few days, after broke-up with ma Girlfriends, my schedule for days were being eating, smoking, drinking (Na….Kake….nah… not water….its Vodka) & one more thing (one of ma favorite) “Sleeping”.
      Eating junk foods, smoking hard & as I said above drinking vodka with soft drink (name not to be mentioned). Of-course sleeping 10-12 hrs in nights …….somewhere in days, usually in office….keeping maself busy with these activities, I feel very much comfortable. It is like Jannat. No phone calls of ma girlfriends & no emotional SMS’s (actually those SMS’s were like emotional blackmailing) hahahaha…… every boyfriend is suffering from that disease…… Is she is blackmailing me or she expressed her true feelings towards me.

    Anyway leave that boring topic of Boyfriend & Girlfriend & ya…. even worse of that Boyfriend, Girlfriend & one more Girlfriend. This seems perfect hell. A hell like situation where a Boyfriend feels himself as a puppet (not that word…… some different “Pawn”)

    A Boy having two Girlfriends is like “Two Bull pulling a cart”. Just ask that cart what does he feel when two giant bull pull him very angrily. That line seems garbage….. isn’t it???? (Fully-Faltu) Raising that point of anger in girlfriends (even more velocity of anger in them)…. They fired multiple questions (even you arrived right on-time) & even worse they do not give any option to answer those questions…… (How can an engineer qualify???)

Q No1 Why you come late???

Q No2 Where was you from past 3 days???

Q No3 Why your phone every time seems busy??

Q No4 Where is your bike???

Q No5 Why you hadn’t shaved today….this is not Saturday!!!!!

Q No6 Why you always wear pink shirt????

     These all questions were fired by ma second Girlfriend…. In first attempt 6 questions back-to-back (Even Rapid fire wound of Coffee with Karan looks better than this…..)
After answering those bully type questions…it’s shopping round…..
Ist Shop:
Ma GF: Room freshener is not upto the mark…. This is not seductive…. How can other person will get the taste of mine…… Baby lets go to another shop!!!!!
Maself: Ok babe…….

IInd Shop:

Ma GF: hey shopkeeper is looking so ugly….even more than you (pointing towards me)…… (Saala jo shopping karwa raha hai usi ki wat laga rahi hai)… Jannu plz next one.
Maself: Again a small Ok.

IIIrd Shop:

Ma GF: hmm…. This one looks better….. few minutes late she asked ….hey why are you staring at these shop-girls… Is they looked better than me???? (with angrily)

Maself: No jaanu….. I was just looking for a girl….. she knows me very well. (before completing the sentence, ma GF interrupted)

Ma GF: How she knows you very well & what do you mean by that word “very well”.

Maself: Oh….baby!!!!! She was just like any other ordinary girl…..”Tum bhi na”
(Actually I was looking for that girl for one reason……She saw me just an hour before with a girl…… not this one yaar….another one)
I thanked God & said “Bal-bal bach gaye”

IVth Shop:

Ma GF:  This was very much costly yar & you having salary of only 15,000 Rs…… how can you afford baby….. (Saala face pe tamacha……minute-2 pe baijatti)
Maself: hmm…. (Looking here & there, facing downwards)

Then this scenario continues with one shop to another……..& goes on!!!!!!

Finally the streak ends on a shop….. Which shop???? “Of Undergarments”……what a F@#% man…… I was totally black-out….blanked…. she purchased some stuff from there……( I think that was whole-sale shop for those stuffs).

Whatever…. (1500 Rs. Chocked at that day….)

Oh…my God this type of girl & my girlfriend…. How would this talent escaped from me!!!!! That really stuck me at once & I managed a big escape yaar…. A bull-eye experience happened to me……

I had forgotten to introduce you all with ma girlfriend…… “abe sab tum logon ko bata dunga to personal kya reh jyega……” Forget that, I am not going to publish my experience with my first girlfriend…..

But nowadays tables turn opposite to me…..Break-up with both of them…..& finally I can give some effort towards my studies……. Which study!!!!
Study of Flirting…… Books which I read these days are:
“Ladki ko kaise patayen”

“Ladki fasane ke 10 quicj tareeke”

“First date with GF”

“Patni prapt karne ke 25 sutra” etc…….

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Invisible: My Silent Movie

Invisible: My Silent Movie

My Silent Movie

Standing alone in the wedding of ma cousin sister, which was held in Kanpur recently, I found maself just like a stupid person. Stupidity of maself tends to the height of the sky. This was simply ridicule. Let me take to you in flashback. It was a scenario of “Tilak ceremony”. Arrangements were very outstanding. We entered in the house….suddenly everybody awakened as all were saying only one thing….. “Aare ladke wale aa gaye hain bhai….” All got activated like a SIM card of a mobile phone. Battery seems fully charged. Then I saw a young beautiful girl walked down from stairs. Waiters started bringing some stuff. I do not know what those things are as I am busy in seeing that girl only. She was simply stunning, wearing pink suit. I was amazed yaar……….in my whole life (still running) I didn’t saw that type of girl.

Getting back to her dressing senses, she was wearing pink suit…..hairs covering little portion of her face & an optical on her eyes….(best suits her)…….. One best part of it was that she has done No make-up….. even with out make-up she was looking gorgeous yaar…… I was totally flat…..

Then after some time our eyes got some contact. It’s like a…scene of Bollywood Movie……..everything stopped at once. I am living in a dream where a song started…which song…….mmmmm…. ya this one…”Suraj hua madham chand dhalne laga, aasma ye hai q pighalne laga…. Kya ye mera pehla-pehla pyar hai”. Suddenly my phone rang…..Oh Shit man…. Entry of a villain….. it was the call of my bhateeja . I thought “Kamine ko bhi issi waqt phone karma tha”. I use Kamina word because he is a big fan of Shahid Kapoor & last year a film “Kaminey” released….. & banged the Box office...(Actually first hit movie of Shahid Kapoor). Luckily, I am having a Chinese phone which you all normally know that battery of these phones are very much below standard & what a coincidence it shows only one brick in that battery meter. So just after 5 minutes of talks it bumped-off ……(switched-off)…..sign of relief. Its is not like that ki I have only one battery, one spare one also but never tried to use that because I don’t anybody to disturb me again. Somehow, that evening passes away seeing each other’s eyes only. Nevertheless, yah…this was the most interesting evening of ma life.

Next day begins with new expectations. That dream again featured in the corresponding night. I was totally plunged in that dream. Now here comes the D-Day……the Wedding Day. The day gone past very quickly just like a flick of a finger. Preparations to attend wedding ceremony were almost completed. However, it took 2-3 hours for women’s to prepare for any wedding. I got very exhausted.

Finally after facing tuff challenges we arrived at the wedding place….. What I saw there, that same girl but this time in “Lehngha”, a traditional dress for girls in wedding type ceremony. Looked more gorgeous than ever before. Fact is that I saw him only a second time but it looks like that we know each other since our childhood. Again, ma eyes struck on her eyes… always got hanged. I was pretending to maself that dude…..she is been made for you. Her blue blistering eyes made me mad…. She is behaving like a slow poison, if you got addicted to it your life will gone.

After having dinner (not maself) because I just lost in him & forgotten to eat dinner. Now the film starts…….Staring each other. Film started at 11’o clock & ran up to 7’o clock. Whole night we just stared at each other. It looks like a full-length movie especially a mute picture (of 1930’s) but not in Black & White. It was the first movie of 21st century, released as muted version. No dialogue, no songs only background music (heard only by me) & only two artists.

After being involved in such a movie like that First thing, I learnt that acting is not that tuff. You have to do nothing……. Camera rolling just plays your part…..& became a prominent actor in one night…… (No casting-couch…..hahaha)

Two nights & one full day I spent with her but we do only one thing, staring at each other…… (Bull shit). I just missed the chance to propose her & she missed even bigger than mine did. In the end we separated…..No talk….No walk…..Faisala (Result) on the wedding spot…… SEPERATION

This was my first silent movie….I think in future surely I would chance to act under big banner production….. What about Karan Johar or Ashutosh Gowarikar…..

Friday, June 11, 2010


A boy containing age of 15 does not even know about SEX (in the early 90’s) but nowadays it is just a fictitious thing to say that a young boy of age 15 would not know about SEX.
SEX is a word of English alphabet contains only three letters “S”, “E” & “X”. This is not only about those three words it is about life. Nevertheless, I am not going to tell u about life it & I am not going to describe Sex in this blog. This is a simple story of a boy whose life is all about doing stupid things, creating ruckus into others work. He is just equal to ZERO. However, even a zero can create a big difference if we put that Zero behind a finite number. It always increases gravity of that thing if we put one more zero behind that. Even the highest printed Note (A Rupee) of our country Rs 1000 is a dumb thing if we strip off all Zeros from that. It decreases to Rupee 1. What you think that you can buy any stuff from that One Rupee Note……(Fused…Hahahaha)

Generally a Zero is a zero……(Nothing…..DX) in simple language. Its identity is nothing. Let me tell you about the discovery of Zero but why I tell you that….. Because as we all know, Zero is discovered in India. India, a country where all basic (not basic but primary) things have been discovered whether a Culture or Wrestling. Actually many other things also been discovered in India but that list is very long & I do not want to waste my time in counting those things. We Indians discovered many things but did not have the guts to sustain those things in our own country (In fact our culture also). Summarizing above fact that we as a people of our country has not even support our culture yar (Damm F@#%). We always trying to behave as a follower of Western society rather than giving new dimensions to our culture.
Our country has a population of more than 1 billion, securing the second highest position in the world. We did not want to follow our own culture. This is simply ridiculous…… hey do not take it in another way…… I am not criticizing peoples of our country. I am just trying to say that our culture is best among others. So whey we follow others when we have our own. Lots of rubbish I talked above, now getting back to the point………..ZERO.
I love this digit very much because you can do anything with him. As being treated as negligible you cannot expect anything from a ZERO but rather criticizing a ZERO just think about the merits of it. Main feature alias “the deadliest thing” about ZERO is that If we divide any finite number with ZERO…..what happened……Bang On……..It hangs your all formulas, all calculators. This tends to infinite. Hey Have you know what infinite means……..No…..I tell you what this means…..It means DEAD………No life……..totally blank. This is the main feature of ZERO. Have you ever heard about a silent killing digit? I think now I do not have to give that answer. A ZERO is just like the villains of our B’wood movies….. (Gabbar of Sholey, Mugambo of Mr. India etc…etc…). I think all engineering students are going to be satisfied with my views…..not only Engg. students but all those persons who love Mathematics.
Therefore, next time if you found a ZERO does not ignore him. If you ignored that, ZERO it is going to Kill you. Alone digit in Mathematics whose identity is nothing but can be as dangerous as a Nuclear Bomb. Treat ZERO with love otherwise its going to cost you a lot. ZERO is the most destructive digit in this universe. It is not just a number it is a lethal weapon…..
A tribute to ZERO………

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Starting in 1960, a small revolution of farmers in the co-part of Siliguri called “Naxalbari” located in West Bengal, given the domain of Naxal Movement. In 1967, farmers took weapons against landowners. This movement spread in the state like a fire in the forest. All think tanks & prudent peoples left their homes & institutes to join this revolution. This is not like any other movement of army (same as happened in Bangladesh). It is a simple case of exploitation of farmers, of lower community groups. 20 years after Independence, our farmers were not getting what they want (mainly necessities). As land-owners were behaving like absorbent, exploiting farmers & lower community peoples etc…….. This movement reflects as a big revolution for them as in general language we called it “Shashtra Kranti”.

Where this type of revolution comes from? This is a big question. It was not mere a revolution or a movement of Maoists, this was purely against administration. They learn lessons from the revolution in China of communist party which was been influenced by the views of Marxists, Leninists & Maotsy Tung.

Naxal movements arise in West Bengal but aftermath has evaporated. The main reason behind this that there was not enough forest lands so that planning & training of Maoists cannot perform. Therefore, they choose neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand etc. Nowadays these Maoists have better equipments & a good intelligence network. A report published by RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) is that 40% areas are been badly affected by Naxals & in present 20,000 Maoists are in motion.

In its early days, it has been given a total negligence by the government. If at that time our government gives them basic facilities, then neither this type of situation arises nor has administration to do lot of work behind this. Now these days government is facing tuff challenges against Maoists. A revolution which is been named as a simple farmer movement flipped the side & nominated himself as a biggest terrorist threat to our country. Even PM is issuing a statement that Naxal movement is a biggest threat to our integrity. It reflects a grim face of our country; I used grim word because for this movement somehow “our government is responsible.”

Poverty, discrimination & unemployment are the main causes behind this revolution. Government did not given better things to tribunals. It has always been like a living hell for them. What they do…… revolution is the only option for them. Recently in news, Maoists back-to-back blown off a bus carrying civilians & killed 75 CPRF personals. What was all that???? This does not belong to a group of farmer movement’s activity. It is look-a-like a terrorist activity. Our ministers are saying so much but do nothing. Home Ministry said that he is going to use Air force against Maoist but I think it is going to give adverse effect. That is not the right method as in forest civilians also live.

To minimize the effect of Maoists, Government has to be deterrent, use some lethal tactics. There has to be some strategy towards Maoists. Just like AP, where Maoists are now NIL. Other states have to improve the technology what they use against them. I think “Infrastructure” has a better solution for this heinous movement. If government built roads, offices, sanitation etc then it gives better opportunity to those peoples who are unemployed & wanna to join mainline stream. It is not an unmovable task but Yes a difficult task for Government. Government has to build some new strategies towards growing poverty, unemployment etc. It is not like a crash-course, which is going to be completed in 2-3 months. Government has to give its best out of it, some hard work, and dedication towards this & if this all happens in one move………….. “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smoking is LIFE

Smoking, ma experience with that word is very familiar. I recover those lost memories when I started smoking, I was so young. Young means not the age of 10 it means when you know the meaning of SEX (usually that age is for those boys who are living in sub-urban areas because in metro cities children containing age of 5 very well knows about SEX).

First I want to tell you about Cigarette, the most promising substance on earth. Normally children are having a tendency to act as a smoker in winter season. Some from those converts themselves to a chain-smoker in real life. First one not the bad habit but converting it into real life affect your life so hard. But don’t to worry about that it’s just a thing (to smoke). Even after the experience of life I can say these lines very fine that Falling in love with a cigarette is far better than falling in love with a girl. You suffer a lot while in love with someone but a cigarette gives u lot of relief. (Ohhh…. What a relief yaar). Even it is also proved by Scientists that After SEX smoke gives you a soothing relief.

We all know that smoking is injurious to health for those who smokes & for non-smokers also. After knowing all this (Actually rubbish for smokers) we smoke often even 10 cigarettes a day). Most Probably 65% People of whole world indulge in smoking/drugs like activities. I am also one of these peoples & I am rather enjoying it very much. Ya I know the demerits of smoking but rather than counting its demerit we have to better understand that why people smoke. Its not just about smoking it is about those people who are attached with the manufacturing of cigarette. We can’t fire them at all…………. It is for their employment yar….. If we don’t smoke how can they put their family & how they give basic necessities to their family? We can’t do this man…… it really hurts man….. We don’t want to see again millions of persons crying for the job….. As being responsible citizen of our country I don’t want my country again on the path of Global Slowdown.

By the way majority is with us because as I said earlier that 65% people are in the activity of smoking, so why we just bother for those 35%. I have a simple solution for those persons just convert them to smokers. (Hahahaha……). Smoking cures all your pain, gives you lots of relief & also gives you power to understand life. Who says Smoking doesn’t have merits it has many merits. A source of wide income for our Government, they cost lots of tax via this. (Fucked ass hole)

While writing this blog I was in immense pain............. I tell you why as I wasted my lovely 2 hours for writing the blog & the main reason for my pain is that I missed my 2 cigarettes. (Damm Fuck man) Well I think 1 Cig/Hr is good for health. Don't take is seriously yar....... I am just kidding!!!!!!!! It really hurts you so while smoking just smoke with care....... who knows "Kal Ho Na Ho".

I, usually smoke with ma friend.... Ma friend (Office Frnd) usually doesn't smoke but I made him a Chain-smoker..... (Log thik hi kehte hain Sangat ka asar hai). Peoples who says these thing actually said this for ma friend. They think that ma friend is "Harami" but they won't see the other portion of the picture. Actually I made him Chain-smoker........ (Fully-Fucked...hahahaha)

That is life....... People just see what you wants to show them...... (Clean-Sweep for me)...

I think that's enough for the insanity of maself...... I am What I am

This blog is for all those Rascals who are Chain-Smoker......
Keep Smoking & in the last "Fuck Off Smoking"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Destiny Loser

Story of 1 of ma frnd…

We as a person don’t even know that life is going to be so tough for us. It is a story of three boys whose companionship defines the status that How much “Kamina” we are. I use that word often times because this best suits us. We as a friend make every thing perfect but as individual person, we are nothing.
Last year a picture released named “3 idiots”. Ruled Box office & still ruling, actually “Is movie ne Bollywood ki pichle sabhi movies ki le li”. That film touched many persons heart & opens eyes of Government in the aspect of education. People started living in 3 idiots as Ranchod Das Chanchad. We started saying that “Aal Izz Well” but we don’t even know ki Aal Izz always NOT Well.
First I would like to acknowledge an idiot Girish alias Yodhistir. He is a man of himself, completely isolated from others. Matter of fact is this that he is not different from others but destiny makes him a different person. People are having Sathe-Sati of Shani but he makes it permanent for him. Actually his favorite God is SHANI DEV………. (God Bless him). The most damaged person in this world can’t make bigger than this.
He is a true fighter with destiny, always loses. Whenever he fights with destiny always break some part of his body. Recently he recovered from a fatal accident in which he broken his left hand. Likewise in the past he broke his right leg. Interesting part in both accidents is that the person sitting behind got no injury (clean sweep). First accident occurred with Manish alias Manu (A Stranger) & second with me (Mr. Invisible). Many other mishaps were also occurred with him but above both accidents were fatal in comparison with others.
Getting personal with him, I just want to inform you that he is a big fan of Movies specially 26. He doesn’t smoke, drink & any other rubbish things except watching 26. “Saala wo wali movie dekhne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai.” One good thing about him is that he is a very good cook. He know all dishes except non-veg which we love the most. Dost hamara hai lekin hamri pasandida cheeje banana aata hi nai hai. L@#% hai ekdum.
Anyway i must say that He is our best friend...... very caring, "dar Ma@#%-c@#%", "ekdum L@#%", Chain-watcher of 26. Struggling for job & trying hard & I am sure he would get that thing what he want!!!!!!!!! Never fall in love with anyone (I think interested in Male persons)

Love u Yodhistir....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Angel

Friendship has no limitations. Someone has said very fine lines that two opposite genders could never became friends means if you find a girl who is your best friend can’t became your friend either she is going to your better half or its going to be your uncompleted love story. But in ma life I found a very sweet little angel who became ma friend actually among my best frndz. It is not the first time that I have a female friend (that is different that none one them know each other because I maintain a long difference between each of them). “One Women man at a time.” That’s ma favorite tag-line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is different from others. She is complete package of whatever we called in life “good things”. Actually in life she suffered a lot, always fighting with life & always victorious (every time she sets a new record). Undisputed champion of life “An Ultimate Warrior”

I dedicate this short story to ma that friend who shared ma all good & bad things, always standing behind me whenever I want him (with a stick also). She is a perfect doll just a sweet heart to me, very true, kind-hearted & always ready to help others even those whom she didn’t know personally.

Getting back to the point, she is very emotional also even sometimes I got irritated. Suffering from dehydration…………. I tell you why as being a emotional person, you always found some drops of water flowing down from her eyes. In her office you can see a river flowing beside him…… one very important factor of her is that anger is always on her nose that’s why her nose is always red. If you found yourself in front of him then it is dam sure that you have to meet an orthopedic in the evening.

Apart from all those qualities she is a true friend, sophisticated, always stand by on what she wants in her life, just loves her family more than anything, very talented girl. I called him “Meaow” because of the innocence she have in herself. Hey have u seen a cute little kitten she is just same as that, gives you always happiness & takes all sorrows of your life. In our school days I used to pull her plaits (look-alike Poonch of Gai) that time I didn’t understand that in future we are going to share a strong on-hold relationship which will never going to be broken.

But yup I have to accept that we grown up a-lot. I admire him a-lot because she always reminds me that struggle is a part of life, destiny has to play its role in life…… its on you that how you deal life in your own way……

Wish you a very happy life…..dear!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truth behind Job

As a employee of Railway, i don't have any right to publish anything rubbish about railway (Someone has said "Work is Worship"). i know that my colleagues are enjoying their job but if u ask my opinion i would have only word for it "rubbish". Ya its true....u can compare it with other jobs. Of the first day in my office i faced revolutionary things...... Politics, Politics & only Politics.... these three words are most important words in this job..... if any one want definition about Politics just contact any railway employee.... These persons had done Ph.D in Politics or u can say hightest qualification of any stream. Indian Railway what else i can say its name defines the country. One person name not has to be mention is Mr. Hitler of Lucknow Control. Mr. Hitler who is inch closer to contain age of 60 is doing some rapid action, which usually a person near 60 can't done. But one +ve thing about that person that he has some extra energy from where that energy comes even he don't know.
Life is complicated... somewhere in our little heart we know that ki Hamari aukat kya hai but because we are INDIANS & we Indians are emotional persons.... (Every Indian Must be agree with me.... Kyun?????).


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