Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Angel

Friendship has no limitations. Someone has said very fine lines that two opposite genders could never became friends means if you find a girl who is your best friend can’t became your friend either she is going to your better half or its going to be your uncompleted love story. But in ma life I found a very sweet little angel who became ma friend actually among my best frndz. It is not the first time that I have a female friend (that is different that none one them know each other because I maintain a long difference between each of them). “One Women man at a time.” That’s ma favorite tag-line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is different from others. She is complete package of whatever we called in life “good things”. Actually in life she suffered a lot, always fighting with life & always victorious (every time she sets a new record). Undisputed champion of life “An Ultimate Warrior”

I dedicate this short story to ma that friend who shared ma all good & bad things, always standing behind me whenever I want him (with a stick also). She is a perfect doll just a sweet heart to me, very true, kind-hearted & always ready to help others even those whom she didn’t know personally.

Getting back to the point, she is very emotional also even sometimes I got irritated. Suffering from dehydration…………. I tell you why as being a emotional person, you always found some drops of water flowing down from her eyes. In her office you can see a river flowing beside him…… one very important factor of her is that anger is always on her nose that’s why her nose is always red. If you found yourself in front of him then it is dam sure that you have to meet an orthopedic in the evening.

Apart from all those qualities she is a true friend, sophisticated, always stand by on what she wants in her life, just loves her family more than anything, very talented girl. I called him “Meaow” because of the innocence she have in herself. Hey have u seen a cute little kitten she is just same as that, gives you always happiness & takes all sorrows of your life. In our school days I used to pull her plaits (look-alike Poonch of Gai) that time I didn’t understand that in future we are going to share a strong on-hold relationship which will never going to be broken.

But yup I have to accept that we grown up a-lot. I admire him a-lot because she always reminds me that struggle is a part of life, destiny has to play its role in life…… its on you that how you deal life in your own way……

Wish you a very happy life…..dear!!


Kiran said...

Pehle mujhe ye batao...tumne itni achhi english kaha se seekhi...maine to nahi sikhai...!!
Thanks 4 being in my life..!!
Ur Best friend..

Manish Verma said...

gud yaar deepu....
mind blowing yaar..
mujhe lagta tha mai hi likh sakta hoon....but u r too gud yaar...hats off dude..

kanika said...

gud atleast u appriciate n know d value of true friendz in ur life...


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