Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heated Kashmir

Kashmir, the most suffered state of our country & still suffering from some protest by localities. Actually, these localities belong to the young generations of Kashmir. Fighting against those epidemic problems that turned the beautiful state into the army base camp. You can smell the army’s presence in J&K either you live in that state or in National capital. You can feel the aggression of those angry youngsters who are protesting against the system.

Kashmir, as we all knows that this state is a place of unusual activities. On the one hand, it is suffering from the disease of Terrorism (which now spreads in whole world) & on the other hand, these agitations put the state into some different stage.

First, let us talk about the role of terrorism in J&K. The most affected place of country, comparing to the other states more people killed in J&K by the activities of terrorist. This something is ridiculous. The 1/4th part of army personals are deputed in J&K & Yes they are doing some good work against the terrorist activities. Nowadays, it seems a peace-time for J&K in the view of terrorist activities. I am not counting the one or two operation of terrorists in J&K because this becomes a regular thing at there. Somehow, our army managed to mark their presence in J&K, & brought some smile on the faces of Kashmiri.

But the real story begins from here…… The protest by youths in Kashmir…..  What all this is??? Since one month its look-a-like a major revolt by the young guns of Kashmir against the administration. Now the question arises…. Why these persons in their young age participating in these activities… There must be some answer.. Might be a hidden one…. Will the Chief Minister is going to answer that question….??? Multiple factors have contributed to the present thing (Massacre). The anger of people rises to the new limit (extreme limit) when dozen of persons killed by the bullets of CRPF’s personal. One of them in these persons was a nine-year ole little child who has nothing to do with all that…. Where was his fault??? This something is the intolerable act by our security personals. I called them our security personals because they are here for our protection.

Actually, the culprit behind all these things are our so-called white-collar person’s alias our politicians. This is their duty to maintain peaceful situation in any state. The protesters are predominantly rebellious youngsters dissatisfied with the functioning of the state. Their anger tends to new height from not only the lack-luster development & employment, but also the failure of the political leadership to address their aspirations. Their frustrations finally come to the peak & represent itself in the form of solid protest. The presence of army in the valley may only help the government to control the situation at that time but what about in the future??? Sometime in future this clock revolves & again stuck to the time (of current situation). Hollow promises made by our politicians raged more & more anger in the youths. Evaluation of who breaks the peace party of Kashmir in on the rock….. Some people are saying that centre has his hands in all this; some are saying that opposition creates that situation…. Even worse of all…. Some said that neighboring country has played some integral role in the protest…. I do not know what truth is?? But I am dead-sure about one thing that we as people of this country are no less than fools… they used us as pawns & actually we behaved also as pawns….. Someone has said… lets shut down whole India…. We stand behind him & reacts the same.

We do not even realize that how behind we will find ourselves in a situation of total shut down of a even a single minute (Bharat-Bandh)….. No we do not care all of these things… nevertheless street protests are unlikely to vanish from J&K, they are a little part of all democratic country (society) but they do not necessarily have to end in the death of some innocent peoples. The administration has to improve itself & quip itself with some modernize things. Politicians must learn to be responsive to people’s grievance. While doing all things our government has to take some honest & bold decision towards this.


Abhishek Bhardwaj said...

from some time back Peace is prevailing in Kashmir , many tourists are visiting the so called heaven on the Earth but now this kind of agitation will only back track what all good has been done. They say protests are powered by extremists groups in Kashmir as they do not want peace there. Protesters have beaten up Local Police there brutally. But strong action must be taken immediately as things can turn around very easily and Kashmir will once become a battleground.
Youth of Kashmir should take inspiration from Shah Faesal topper of Civil Services exam who studied there in Kashmir and topped the most prestigious exam we have.
Deepak you are writing on some hard things and i congratulate you for this.

Stranger said...

ahhh.... thanx dude!!!!
will try 4 a new 1....

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

thanks for visiting my blog.

you write well. keep it up.

Restless Souldier

shivani said...

The problem ceases to be political and i feel it is more economic in nature now but of course that is also debatable.
Strife ridden Kashmir has seen enough bloodshed and i feel every single Indian wishes the transformation.
For the time being let's hope.
My heart goes out for the small boy and his family and so many others but will people ever wake up from their stupor and be the change themselves?
You have addressed a rather serious issue.Well done.

Mayank said...

The only prob is the pathetic nature of our Govt.. we have treated Kashmir the way separatists n anti-India forces want us to, just to keep them and so called international community happy.. in the process, alienating average Kashmiri...

Mag[m] said...

Hey dood.... i never thoght u as such a matured(serious) man....u wrote on such a burning topic....amazing bro...

Whisky said...

Its all in the minds of people. Unless we give peace a change, we wont change.

Amazing coverage. keep them coming.

Sandeep B Hanchanale
Work Hard, Party Harder

Stranger said...

@Mag n Whisky: guys thanx..

nikita said...

impressive post !!!!
why invisible ?

jeouf said...

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Stranger said...

@jeouf: thanx dear.... i feel sry for ur personal life!!!
Best of Luck in future dude...

kanika said...

dis 1 is urs blog,comendible yaar,dis is amazing.....u have written on such a hard n serious topic..........good luck n continue dis ........awareness mission

Geeta Singh said...

hats off to you for bringing up a sensitive topic.. :) well done bravo!!


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