Monday, October 4, 2010

Me & My Indi-T : unfulfilled dream

When everybody is going to mark their presence at Banglore, I am writing another blog explaining my stupidity that How I missed ma train to Banglore & How that journey (which doesn’t completed at all) costs me a lot including ma Indi-T. Ohhh… My Indi-T!!!!
When this news aired that next BLOGGERS meet is going to be held at Banglore on 3rd October. Its like “WOW” yaar… this time I am ready & I will definitely attend that meet (I mean that guys, seriously). Its all about my Indi-T & I want to snatch it from “Mr. Fixit” alias Renie. I started seeing dreamzzzz; “Me & My Indi-T”. That dream makes me sick as this appears non-stop in my mind but being a sick with an Indi-T is far better than riding on a 1300cc Suzuki GSX 1300R. I wanted to live with that dream 24X7. Somewhere I heard that ya “Dreams do come true”. I think that line was said by Little Master Sachin Tendulkar while giving interview to a press reporter.
Then I finally decided dude, “You have to attend this meet for your Indi-T. You are not going to miss that chance. OK… then I took deep breath & called up my friend. I borrowed some 1500 bucks from him (including the price of Vodka). We picked up an auto & landed at Railway reservation centre.
“Being part of a queue is always an idiotic work” – This is my theory!!! So, I requested to my friend that half way you & half way me, is the right choice. Ma friend said, “OK”. Actually ma that friend is like a GAY. Don’t take that in another way. He is a gay means; He is like a “COW”. After 45 mins. of wait we found some space at the ticketing window.
Me: One ticket for Banglore in 3AC (in any train)
Reservation Clerk: Waiting List 1 & only one train goes to Banglore from here.
Me: Is that waiting going to confirmed tomorrow???
RC: Don’t crack a joke!!! If u wanna to go then take Tatkal ticket.
Me: And for how many bucks??
RC: In 3AC it is Rs 1785 & in Sleeper Rs 845.. (Paused)
Me: It’s better to travel in 3AC so I asked another 300 bucks from ma friend & finally got the ticket.
RC: Take your ticket & 15 Rs also. (1500 + 300 = 1800)
(I was so happy at that time ki I forgotten this is a Railway reservation centre not a Bar. I told him that, “Hey, keep the change man”.)
RC: WHAT?? Am I looked like a waiter??
Me: (Oh.. FUCK) Sorry Sir!! I didn’t mean that.. I am really sorry..
RC: Take your money & get lost!!
(He reminds me the character of ‘Angry Young Man’ of the movie Deewar)

The whole community of passengers out there, looking at me in a bizarre!!! Had I raped that RC??? Making no any issues at that time, I silently walked out from that centre & ya I kissed my Tatkal ticket. It shows Coach No. B1 & Berth No. 27 (my fav. No.) I given a tight hug to my friend & told him that hey I will give you all my dues after retuning from the trip… & I think now total debt over me surpasses to Rs 4500…
(Next Day)
Bag fully packed & finally the day has been arrived… My journey to Banglore was just going to begin in 4-5 hrs. I purchased a packet of Cigarette then suddenly my phone rang & it was a call of my friend **’Nasedi Baba’**. We called him Nasedi baba alias Babu because he is a vigorous drinker (Full-tass Nasedi hai be). Picked up his call & as usual he wants me to join the party. I attended the party, thrown out by him & literally speaking it was “FULL-ON” yaar!!! At first it was One quarter then Two…Three… (Blank)… No idea after that. Only one thing I remember that, “Hey Deepak where are you going??” I said BANGLORE & my train’s departure is at 8 PM.
Someone has said 8PM… bring that drink man!! (Nasedi baba shouted)
After some shots, my feet were on cloud 9 & I started watching “Taare Zameen Par”. Those Taaresss (stars) were continuously revolving around my mind. My unconscious mind was telling me that, “You are going to miss even bigger party than this so just control your emotions”. (He was talking about the party at #indiblr). I slapped my face & said, “Shut up you bastard… I am not going to miss any train because it is about my Indi-T.
One more interesting thing about that day, “it was 30th September.. The D-Day for Ayodhya”. Being so much drunk at that evening, I forget the time… then Nasedi kicked my ass & told me, “It is 7.30 in the clock, what about your train???”
Me: WTF…!!! Give me your hand.. oh God, it doesn’t get bigger than this!! Fuck.. Fuck Man!!! Do you have bike???
Nasedi: Ya
Me: C’mon then drop me out at the station…
Nasedi: In this situation???
Me: I will kill you if you not!!
Nasedi: Ok… just chill you “Toad”!!
(Actually it was not a bike; it was a scooter Bajaj Priya)
  Somehow he managed to give a smooth start to his scooter & we were on our way to station. But as I said it was the D-Day for Ayodhya, lots of road blocks out in the middle… we completed the full circle of our area but still very much far away from the station. At that time I told him, let’s go back yaar because it is 8’o clock in my watch…..
I missed my train & my Indi-T too….
Next day when I saw newspaper there was news, “Some passengers created nuisance & Lucknow-Banglore Superfast departed 30 mins. Late i.e. on 8.30 PM because of water shortage in coaches.
It was like I am sitting on an electric chair & suffering 440 volt shocks… I can’t even explain that!!! How much I disgusted by my own destiny.. Oh Jesus, How can you do this to me!!!
My Indi-T….. My everything!!! (Love you, God Bless You)


Mohan said...

boy o boy.. so much of obsession for indi-T??? I don't I have ever encountered a guy who is more T-lover than you! There is always a next time. Take care and we will certainly meet in one of the future indimeets :D

Stranger said...

@Mohan: Hey Its about Indi-T.. well yup,there is always next time.
& definitely, wanna to meet u in near future!!

Aashish Sood said...

Deepak: tough luck mate... hope the organizers read this post and send a indi-T nonetheless :D

Mag[m] said...

@deepak.... here comes an ultimate savior for u.... coming to ur place with ur inditee dude...

umapoems said...

very interesting read..enjoyed it!

Read ur post.Very nice that you had a good time.

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Stranger said...

@Aashish: ya tough luck definitely!! i hope so!!

@Mag: ohh cm'on give ma damn indi-T... u rascal!!

@umapoems: thanx!!

Amy said...

life doesn’t always give us the joys we want.
we don’t always get our hopes and dreams, and we don’t always get our own way.
but don’t give up hope, because you can make a difference one situation and one person at a time.look for the beauty around you—in nature, in others, in yourself—and believe in the love of friends, family, and humankind.

kranjini said...

Too happening and all for Indi-T ;)

Hemal said...

Dude mag sneaked some IndiTees in your name, make sure you get them from him

Nanda Firsta said...

nice blog and design.. i like it.. :)

well, please also follow and comment on my blog:

i'll follow u then. thanks.. ^^

pramod said...

missing train is the worst thing,that can happen.and to know later it was late and you could have caught it.most shocking.
well written.

Stranger said...

@Amy: thanx 4 ur comments...

@Ranjan: yeah its became an obsession for me...!!!

@Hem: dude... he is a liar!!! he sneaked one bt lost dat in Bangluru... :( Rascal

@Nanda: thanx dude... for ur valuable comment...!!!

@Pramod: thanx Sirji... its became a cat & mouse incident for me!!! In d end Mouse wins... (as usual)

Mohinee said...

alele Deeps! jane do! now u got what i m telling u skip something which.....u kno what i mean..! anyways have some photo session on that very T, if u got it from manish (i guess u didn't). Sudhar jao Bade Bhaiya! Dadashri!

Stranger said...

@Mohi: mein to pehle se hi sudhra hua hun...

geeta singh said...

Indi T ke liye.......kuch bhi karega:D:D:D nice post


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