Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life in and around social networking sites

I asked ma mom where our maid has gone for past 7 days and I got an interesting answer that each of her mistress were informed through her tweets on Twitter, that she was gone to her hometown. Its was like a shocker for me, WTF…. She is using Twitter, a social networking site.I felt myself quite stupid for not getting time to check my updates so early. As I am unable to use my account frequently nowadays due to heavy work load at office and a queue of guests at home and one more thing “Dating” to ma GF’s.

These social networking sites I must say, are the veins of present generation. Well, I admit that I am also in this generation and prettily affected by them. These sites are beneficial to everybody who uses it thoroughly or rarely.

As we all know how fast our lives are & to be honest someday in a week i forget to do loo…. now u all can configure how fast our lives are!!!! We are struggling wid ourselves that we are not getting time for our beloved ones especially “Girlfriends”. Yeah these creatures “Girlfriends” are the integral part of our lives… (ma life) & i do not want to lose any one of them. I am truly obliged to these websites that they given us such a wonderful medium to connect with ur beloved ones… Long Live Social Networking Websites.
I feel proud to say that the youngest member of our family, my 7 yr old nephew, has a personal facebook profile.And, I got to know about this when I received a comment on my pic saying, U r looking smart & U deserve a new lappy so get the old one for me…….”. Damn A new lappy… will make ma life worse than ever before. Oh Jesus Help me out!!!!

Obviously I am not sick of these sites, but often I find myself eager for checking my accounts to get an idea of the new plans by my friends & relatives and also the passed events enjoyed by my overseas friends.

Thanks to the new technology and the great Networking sites but i am fond of only one thing “Blogging”.


magiceye said...

do visit http://cybernag.in/2011/01/could-this-become-the-movement/

the feeling lioness said...

it is ok if there is not too much of inane chitter chatter,you know

interesting post

Stranger said...

@Deepak Sir: yeah it is awesome...

@the feeling lioness: thanx

Anonymous said...

Nice one i loved this. coz of social networking i met you deepak or better is u met me! i got my past life's brother and u got the bestest sister.


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