Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dawn of a New Country - South SUDAN

Mass of people jumped on streets; celebrating & congratulating each other as a new member country emerged in the world on 9th July 2011 & it will be named as South Sudan. Primarily, South Sudan was an integral part of Sudan then after the historical referendum in January paved the way for the making of South Sudan. VVIPs & many other ambassadors of different countries will mark their presence in the capital, Juba, to see the emergence of a new country. It would be a great day for the peoples of South Sudan because they had lost terrific amount of peoples lives during the clash of ethnic groups of North & South Sudan. Now, the time has come, to forget the past misapprehensions & build a constructive bridge between both countries  in present & work together for the development of both countries in future.

South Sudan, primarily, occupying a total land area of 2,39,285 square mile (i.e. 6,19,745 square Km) which has a population of 8,260,490 (as per 2008 census). Country is barricaded by the Ethiopia in the east, The Central African Republic with the west; Kenya, Uganda & Republic of Congo to the South and North Sudan(Sudan) to the north.  But there are some road blocks in front of South Sudan. As after its emergence, South Sudan will rank near the bottom of the Human Development Index list. It has wide number of illiterate females approx 80% or more than that. It has the world's highest maternal mortality rate. The under-five mortality rate is 112 per 1000 live births, worst ratio. Security related issues, law and order & infrastructures is negligible & almost unseeable. About half of the population lives on less than $ 1 a day. Poverty is on its peak as well as the non-education. 

Now it's the obligation of newly elected government for the upliftment of the peoples of South Sudan. Country's progress & development is now depend upon the Government's policies & plans and also its administration. If South Sudan has some drawbacks on its side then on the other side it has noteworthy variety of things. South Sudan has vast oil fields which is the prime source of his economy. Most oilfields are owned by Chinese companies & Indian company ONGC. However, United States of America can not buy or acquire any oil field reserves in South Sudan because he actually 'Blacklisted' Sudan as the 'State Sponsor of terrorism'. Result of this South Sudan has lost a big importer of Oil. A big availing opportunity is knocking at the door of Indian Oil companies to acquire some oil reserves in that country, also India has the opportunity to collaborate with the South Sudan's government in the development process. India should have to adopt the policy of 'First come, First served' in South Sudan.

Apart from Oil reserve fields, South Sudan has huge amounts of arable land & the Nile river flowing through its center. Government should have to espouse the technique of 'Institutional Farming' along with knowledge based training to his farmers. It will help farmers to harvest many crops at one time. Government should give vocational training to the unemployed citizens & skill training for the unskilled persons.

But how could all this possible? First & foremost, South Sudan has to reignite its peaceful relations with North Sudan. Cross-border disputes, insecurity between peoples etc; both Governments should have to allay it first, collaboratively. South Sudan, now as the 193rd country in this world, must also reach out to its other neighbors. It has to actively participate in the dialogue process of African Union & other global groups. Trade with countries should be its first objective.

But before all that South Sudan's government must reach out to its own citizens. They have to ensure the basic things for the citizens like Freedom of religion, freedom of expression, Equality between peoples. Government must construct a confidence dialogues between ethnic groups, along with that give freedom to media because media's role in any country is very important. People-to-People dialogue between both the countries is very much important & they have to run for it. Finally , Other countries should support & help the new country and its people in he process of development as they desperately need that. United Nations which is the supreme body, should come & urge the members to give their support & help, in building infrastructure & to nail out other discrepancies which have been diluted in the system of South Sudan.

Congrats to all civilians of South Sudan... Party hard guys!! *'Hallelujah'*


abhi said...

Very informative and comprehensive post, Deepak! Thank you for sharing

Geeta Singh said...

A truly historic occasion.. that's really commendable post ..well done :Dx

Mohinee said...

Different topic you have taken, really in depth info. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Great work dear.

(Extremely sorry for the late comment.)

Mohinee said...

Different topic you have taken, really in depth info. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Great work dear.

(Extremely sorry for the late comment.)

Mohinee said...

How are you dear, special extra comments for your blog (You made me do partiality.)

You have written so nicely, great info for gk too. :)

Barkha Dhar said...

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It would be interesting to have your views on it.
Barkha Dhar

shivani said...

Thanks for sharing this.Maybe this is what i know today.Another major event in my booty that contains newly found information.:)

Stranger said...

@Abhi: Thanx a ton dude!! :)

@G2O: Ohh my gawd... u liked ma post!! dats strange.. thnx alot :P

@Mohi: not dat late dear.. Thkx to u for appreciating it!! :))

@Barkha: thnx dear... will definitely visit ur blog !! :D

@Shivani: Ohh is dat so? thn My pleasure. :)

Shonu said...

luv u shonu


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