Thursday, June 10, 2010


Starting in 1960, a small revolution of farmers in the co-part of Siliguri called “Naxalbari” located in West Bengal, given the domain of Naxal Movement. In 1967, farmers took weapons against landowners. This movement spread in the state like a fire in the forest. All think tanks & prudent peoples left their homes & institutes to join this revolution. This is not like any other movement of army (same as happened in Bangladesh). It is a simple case of exploitation of farmers, of lower community groups. 20 years after Independence, our farmers were not getting what they want (mainly necessities). As land-owners were behaving like absorbent, exploiting farmers & lower community peoples etc…….. This movement reflects as a big revolution for them as in general language we called it “Shashtra Kranti”.

Where this type of revolution comes from? This is a big question. It was not mere a revolution or a movement of Maoists, this was purely against administration. They learn lessons from the revolution in China of communist party which was been influenced by the views of Marxists, Leninists & Maotsy Tung.

Naxal movements arise in West Bengal but aftermath has evaporated. The main reason behind this that there was not enough forest lands so that planning & training of Maoists cannot perform. Therefore, they choose neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand etc. Nowadays these Maoists have better equipments & a good intelligence network. A report published by RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) is that 40% areas are been badly affected by Naxals & in present 20,000 Maoists are in motion.

In its early days, it has been given a total negligence by the government. If at that time our government gives them basic facilities, then neither this type of situation arises nor has administration to do lot of work behind this. Now these days government is facing tuff challenges against Maoists. A revolution which is been named as a simple farmer movement flipped the side & nominated himself as a biggest terrorist threat to our country. Even PM is issuing a statement that Naxal movement is a biggest threat to our integrity. It reflects a grim face of our country; I used grim word because for this movement somehow “our government is responsible.”

Poverty, discrimination & unemployment are the main causes behind this revolution. Government did not given better things to tribunals. It has always been like a living hell for them. What they do…… revolution is the only option for them. Recently in news, Maoists back-to-back blown off a bus carrying civilians & killed 75 CPRF personals. What was all that???? This does not belong to a group of farmer movement’s activity. It is look-a-like a terrorist activity. Our ministers are saying so much but do nothing. Home Ministry said that he is going to use Air force against Maoist but I think it is going to give adverse effect. That is not the right method as in forest civilians also live.

To minimize the effect of Maoists, Government has to be deterrent, use some lethal tactics. There has to be some strategy towards Maoists. Just like AP, where Maoists are now NIL. Other states have to improve the technology what they use against them. I think “Infrastructure” has a better solution for this heinous movement. If government built roads, offices, sanitation etc then it gives better opportunity to those peoples who are unemployed & wanna to join mainline stream. It is not an unmovable task but Yes a difficult task for Government. Government has to build some new strategies towards growing poverty, unemployment etc. It is not like a crash-course, which is going to be completed in 2-3 months. Government has to give its best out of it, some hard work, and dedication towards this & if this all happens in one move………….. “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.


Mag[m] said...

kya be deepu .....tum to sensible writer ho gaye ho....

Abhishek Bhardwaj said...

Wonderful post written by you.
No wonder Naxalism is the biggest threat to our Country at this instant.
Govt. should provide some basic facilities to the people who are residents to Naxal affected area.
They must win their heart.
But it will take time as you said.

DX said...

@Mag(m): hmmm.... sangat ka asar hai....
@Abhishek: Yup....Sirji!!!!
muje apni government pe pura bharosa hai!!!!

Anonymous said...

learned a lot


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